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Leap Day

February 29, 2016 / Holidays, Uncategorized

Leap Day

Monday, February 29 is Leap Day. Because this day comes only once every four years, this may be the very first Leap Day you can remember! Here are some interesting facts about Leap Day.

What is Leap Day?

Most years, the calendar shows 365 days. Every 4 years, however, an extra day is added. That day, February 29, is called Leap Day, and the year in which it happens is called Leap Year. In other words, 3 out of 4 years do not contain a February 29. The reason for this is that it actually takes 365.24 days for the Earth to travel completely around the sun, or 365 and one-quarter of a day. Every 4 years those quarter days are added together into one day, February 29. Leap Day.

Leap-Year babies are people born on February 29. They’re known as Leaplings! Most Leaplings choose February 28, not March 1, to celebrate as their birthday during the off years, since February, not March, is the month of their birth. The chances of being a Leapling are about i in 1,460.

In Ireland, February 29 is also known as Bachelor’s Day. In 1288, people in Scotland designated this day as one when women could propose marriage to men and men had to say yes or else give a gift to their proposer. The day is just a fun holiday now, not an actual legal proposal day.

The 8th Premiere of Tasmania was born on a Leap Day and died on a Leap Day. This happened in the 1800s.

How can you celebrate Leap Day?

Ask around to find out whether anyone in your family is a Leapling. If you find someone who is, give them a call and sing Happy Birthday. It’s a very big deal! Check out some of our fun frog art too. Leap like a frog on Leap Day!

And if you are a Leapling, extra-happy birthday to you.


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