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10 Ways to Say I Love You

February 12, 2016 / Holidays

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you have a very sweet day and get to spend time with the people you love. In honor of the heart-full holiday, here’s a list of 10 ways to say I love you. You’ll notice that none of them actually involves the words “I love you”. These are creative and unexpected ways to let people know that they’re special to you.

-Write a note and hide it under their pillow

-Say it in sign language

-Make them a sandwich and cut it into a heart shape

-Find a pretty flower or leaf outside and bring it to them

-Give a hug

-Sing them a song

-Draw them a picture

-Read them a book

-Invite them to go for a walk with you

-Call them on the phone

And since we’re an art company, we’ll give you a bonus way to say I love you: take a look at our heart-themed and love-themed art for kids’ rooms. We think these are the perfect way to say I love you all year ’round.

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