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Oopsy Daisy Art in the Movies!

January 4, 2016 / TV & Film

We’re always thrilled to spot Oopsy Daisy art in the movies. In fact, two of our favorite  recent films feature Oopsy Daisy art. The best part? You can still see these films in theaters or on DVD. And what’s even better,  you can buy the same art for yourself.


Daddy’s Home, starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, is in theaters now. Check out the bedroom the kids in the film share: Modern Animals – Lion is hanging cheerily on the wall while Modern Animals – Red Fox is visible in the hallway. Both are graphic, bright pieces by Sass & Peril, by designer Shannon Kennedy. Check out our Sass & Peril assortment, which includes a whole collection of different, shape-based animals. Display one for a simple and clean look or create your own curated gallery. And, if you can stop laughing for a moment, see if you can spot the Lion and Fox in Daddy’s Home. This isn’t the first time Sass & Peril’s Oopsy Daisy art has hit the screen: it’s also been on TV shows including Revenge and Glee.


our world


If you’re looking for a rental to watch at home, Ant-Man is out now. Not only is this Paul Rudd superhero film exciting and family-friendly, but it also features Oopsy Daisy art. Our World, by Donna Ingemanson, makes an appearance in the film. This perennial customer favorite can be personalized with your child’s name (or “Ant-Man,” if you’d like!) We’ve got many other Donna Ingemanson prints, too, so you can be a superhero and find one that’s perfect for your favorite little bug.


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