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Donna Ingemanson

Happy Noon Year!

December 25, 2015 / Crafts, Holidays

What do we mean by Happy Noon Year? We mean, who says all the New Year’s Eve fun needs to happen at midnight? Just plan a daytime party with all the trappings of the classic New Year’s Eve party and have a big countdown at noon. And then all the little ones can get a good night’s sleep (and maybe the grownups can share a New Year’s Eve kiss!).

Here are a few fun ideas for your Happy Noon Year celebration:



You will need: an empty disposable clear water bottle (with lid), glitter, dried beans or marbles, confetti or strips of colored paper.

Just jam it all in the bottle! Then put the lid on and shake. It’s a fun, colorful noisemaker that’s just what kids need to make a big noise at midnight (oops: we mean Noon).


Fireworks Rings

You will need: Glittery pipe cleaners.

It’s easiest to create these on the finger, so you can make one for a buddy and have him return the favor. On a pointer finger, wrap one pipe cleaner loosely, then twist and separate the two ends. Repeat this with as many as you’d like (5 were used in the photo) to make a bursting firework.


Wishing Wall

You will need: a chalkboard, wall, or other clean, blank location that little ones can reach, Post-It notes, pens and Magic Markers

Fill this one up! Everyone can write, draw, or scribble her good intentions for the year and post them for all to see. This often starts out with serious wishes and ends up with lots of laughs (a room-cleaning fairy, anyone?).


These are just a few of our favorite ideas for your Noon Year’s Eve celebrations. Of course, you’ll want to have plenty of snacks on hand, and a few fancy glasses for ginger ale. And, if you’re very brave and have a good vacuum cleaner, maybe even bowls of confetti.

Happy Noon Year, Everyone!

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