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Jingle Bells for Reindeer

Gifts for Santa

December 21, 2015 / Crafts, Holidays, Uncategorized

Santa brings gifts for all the good girls and boys, but who brings gifts for Santa?

You may know a little one who is too excited to sleep these days, waiting for Santa’s arrival. We at Oopsy Daisy have a couple simple, fun ideas for excited little ones – why not make some gifts for Santa to leave out with the milk and cookies? It’s a good way to stay busy in the final hours before the Big Guy arrives.


Thank You Cards for Santa:

You will need: Blank Card (or folded paper), Paint (finger paints or tempera), Glue, Glitter, Sequins, etc. (optional)

Just press the child’s thumb into paint and have him or her create a wreath, a tree, or anything that strikes your fancy. (hint: pinkie fingers make terrific holly berries or tree decorations!) When the card is dry, decorate with glue and glitter. The most important part? Have your child write a simple thank you note inside to thank Santa for all the gifts he or she is about to receive. It’s a terrific way to teach kids about gratitude.


Favorite Book for Santa:

You will need: Your favorite read-aloud storybook. That’s it!

Place the book (you can even wrap it!) next to the cookies and milk so Santa can take a break while on his whirlwind night of deliveries. Who knows, Santa may even leave a little note telling your child how much Rudolph enjoyed hearing the story!


Jingle Bells for Reindeer:

You will need: Large Jingle Bells, Ribbon

This one’s so easy! Just tie ribbons to the bells and leave them for the reindeer. And be sure to listen well on Christmas Eve – you may hear them jingling as the reindeer take off into the night!


If you still have time to spend before Santa arrives, check out our Pinterest page for more crafty ideas. The point is to spend time together, creating projects and memories along with a few special gifts for Santa.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


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