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Christmas Countdown!

November 30, 2015 / Crafts, Holidays

December 1 is almost here! The Christmas Countdown has begun.

Waiting can be hard, so we have a clever suggestion for creating a DIY Christmas Countdown–otherwise known as a DIY advent calendar.

There are lots of ideas on our Pinterest page for some terrific DIY crafts that can be created in sets of 25 (like garland flags or pom poms).

Here is a favorite of ours:

Envelope Advent Calendar

You’ll need:

25 envelopes (get creative! Use anything from #9 business envelopes to tiny jewelry envelopes or brown craft envelopes to bright greeting-card envelopes. Or use a combination for an artsy, eclectic look!)

a place to display them (on the fridge with magnets, on a string with clothespins, on a corkboard with thumbtacks)

crayons or markers

25 little trinkets (candy always works, or plastic blocks, stickers, or a combination)

Decorate each envelope. Be sure to incorporate a number on each one, from 1 to 25. Put a trinket in each one and seal it closed.

Display the envelopes in order. Starting on December 1, open one per day and open to discover the prize inside. Christmas will be here before you know it!


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