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Give Thanks by Winborg Sisters

3 Ways to Give Thanks

November 20, 2015 / Holidays, Uncategorized

Happy Thanksgiving! As we take a day to think about all the ways in which we are thankful, here are 3 ways to give thanks this year – 3 ways for kids and families to show their gratitude.

  1. Make a Thankful Garland – This one is from our Pinterest page. It’s so easy and looks beautiful. Cut out some paper leaves and decorate one side with glitter or crayons. On the other side, write down one item for which you’re thankful. Attach the leaves to a string (punch a hole in the top of each and tie them on). Have some blank leaves on hand for guests to fill out before Thanksgiving dinner!
  2. Make a Thankful Jar – Get a stack of notecards or, if you’re feeing extra creative, make some leaves as in the instructions above. Have guests complete this sentence: “I am thankful for…” Have everyone drop his or her card into a bowl, and when you sit down to dinner, pass the bowl around, Everyone takes a card and reads it aloud. (little ones can draw a picture!)
  3. Give a Thankful Hug – This one is easy and always welcome. Give a big hug to everyone you’re thankful for! When you hug them, tell them exactly why you are so thankful. You’ll get a lot of hugs in return!

Those are our favorite 3 ways to give thanks – what are yours?

Enjoy your Thanksgiving – we here at Oopsy Daisy are Thankful for you!

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