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by Creative Thursday by Marisa

National Farmers Day is October 12 – Celebrate!

October 9, 2015 / Events

October 12 is National Farmers Day!

The holiday was once known as Old Farmers Day. It has been around since the 1800s, although no one remembers exactly when it started or who started it. The holiday takes place at a good time for farmers, since this time of year is toward the end of the harvest, one of the only times a busy farmer can take a little break!

The holiday celebrates everyone around the country who works to grow food for us.

Ways to celebrate National Farmers Day:

  1. Go to a Farmers Market! Go see what your local farmers are growing and buy what they’re selling. A farmers market is a great way to learn about food, so be sure to ask the farmer questions, like – How do I know what is fresh? Or – Do you have a favorite recipe for this food?
  2. Eat! Enjoy your food and think about the people who grow it.
  3. Browse some Farm Art! You can search for different topics on our site, and one of those is Farm. You’ll find art about cows, tractors, vegetables, roosters, and just about everything else that makes a farm run. Happy National Farmers Day!

    by Eric Carle

    by Eric Carle

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