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DIY Halloween

DIY Halloween from Oopsy Daisy!

October 30, 2015 / Crafts, Holidays

DIY Halloween ideas are a great way to get everybody involved in one of the best nights of the year. We here at Oopsy Daisy love Halloween decorations that are creative and fun, not scary (but a little spookiness can be fun!).

Over on Pinterest, we have a whole board dedicated to DIY Halloween projects. (Follow us on Pinterest to see all 85 of our boards!)

Here are some highlights:

  1. Sparkle Pumpkin: We found this one at hgtv.com, and it’s brilliant in its simplicity. Clean and dry a pumpkin, spray it with spray adhesive, and cover it in glitter. That’s it! When dry, you have a gorgeous accent piece that works in the window, on the table, or next to the treat bowl.
  2. Scuba Diver Costume: This one’s from delineate your dwelling via  buzzfeed.com, and you can probably put it together from stuff you already have in your house. Empty out two 2-liter bottles and spray paint them the color of your choice. Tape them together with black electrical tape and use more tape to create two straps (like a backpack). There’s your oxygen tank! Add black clothes and a scuba mask (you can probably find one at a dollar store if you don’t have one from the pool) and voila! A scuba diver.
  3. Witches’ Broom Treats: So easy, so yummy, so tempting to pop them in your mouth one after the other! Upside-down Reese’s mini-cups + pretzel sticks = witches’ brooms to sweep aside any other treat this Halloween!

And don’t forget, for DIY Halloween treats, crafts, and general Halloween fun, add a personalized Halloween placemat, designed by Jill McDonald.

Happy Halloween!!

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