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Celebrate Global Art on United Nations Day!

October 23, 2015 / Global Art, Uncategorized

Global Art is important, because kids of all walks of life need to see what the world looks like. And we here at Oopsy Daisy think it’s more fun, too, to be surrounded by art that reflects all sorts of people back at you.

The most globally diverse organization in the world is the United Nations, also known as the UN. Sunday, October 25 is United Nations Day, and this year is the 70th anniversary of the UN.

Here are some facts about the United Nations:

There are 193 Sovereign Member States in the UN.

The Secretary-General of the UN is Ban Ki-moon.

The name “United Nations” was coined by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942.

There are 6 official languages of the UN: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

What does global art mean? It means art that includes subject-matter from lots of different countries, backgrounds, and experiences. Come shop our site and click on “global” in the topic list to see art for kids’ rooms that includes all sorts of globally culturally diverse subject-matter.

Happy United Nations Day!


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