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Apple Art for Johnny Appleseed Day

September 26, 2015 / Holidays

If your child hasn’t met Johnny Appleseed yet, you probably don’t live in the Midwest. (Kids in the Midwest learn about Johnny Appleseed in grade school.) In honor of his holiday, we’d like to share some of our apple art with you. We also have some interesting facts about Johnny Appleseed:

Who was Johnny Appleseed?

He was a nurseryman. That’s a person who works planting or harvesting trees. His real name was John Chapman.

When was he born?

Johnny Appleseed was born on September 26, 1774, meaning that his holiday is on the anniversary of his birth.

What did Johnny Appleseed do?

He is known for planting apple trees. At the time he lived, “the West” was anything west of Pennsylvania. Johnny Appleseed went West, planting apple trees and preaching in states like Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. He was known to be a very humble man, and didn’t take money for preaching or for planting.

How can we celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day?

That’s easy: eat an apple! Also, we recommend celebrating by checking out our apple art. It’s an ideal way to keep Johnny’s spirit alive all year!

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