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Make Back-to-School Easier with 3 Simple Steps!

August 21, 2015 / Oopsy At Home

It’s back-to-school time! Here are three of our favorite ways to make back-to-school a little easier on everyone:

1) Get all set the night before: That means you, too, mom and dad! Make and pack lunch (don’t forget a thinking-of-you note!), get backpacks all set, choose clothes for the first day, and, most importantly (in our house at least!) find both shoes.

2) Swap stories: Kids love to hear about the adults in their lives when they were kids. Can you share some stories about your own back-to-school jitters? Hearing about what concerned you, and how you dealt with it, can help kids conquer their own challenges too.

3) Get a good night’s sleep: (Parents should too, but we mostly mean the students here!) Back-to-school is easier to tackle when you’re well rested. So tuck them in, switch on their night light, and let them drift off early. It’s even more stressful to face back-to-school jitters when you’re running on limited sleep!







Happy Back-to-School, Everyone!

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