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What You See in the Sea by Jill McDonald

Top 10 Beach-Themed Ideas for Kids’ Rooms!

July 16, 2015 / Design Tips

Beach decor is a perennial home decor favorite, and we’ve got more ways to make your kids’ rooms beachy-keen than there are grains of sand on the beach. Summer doesn’t last forever, but here are 10 beach-themed ideas for kids’ rooms that let you keep that warm, sunny feeling year ’round:

Make it personal:

Take a look at our personalized beach art with your child. Let him or her choose a favorite canvas art piece and then have your child’s name printed right on it. Instantly, your child will feel a sense of pride and ownership in his or her beach-themed room!

Light it up:

Did you know you can customize our artistic beach-themed lamps? Choose the colored resin base that best fits your child’s beach-themed room.

Even after dark:

The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down! Try a seashore night light with a cheerful whale or happy starfish. Take some of the nervousness out of the dark by helping your child feel like nighttime is a walk on a sandy shore.

Watch them grow:

Really good art grows with your child! A lighthouse or seaside growth chart is a fun way to see how much they’ve grown and watch their beach-themed room grow right along with them.

Throw in some comfort:

We’ve even got beachy throw pillows! Try one with a turtle on one side and a starfish on the reverse. Cozy and cute.

Hang out:

Dangle a surprise from the window lock or bedpost: a personalized ornament is an ideal way to add a little bit of the ocean to any room.

Stick with it:

Wall decals are a fun way to make the whole room feel like the sea shore. You can reposition these canvas decals wherever you’d like, so your child can feel like she’s a mermaid or a fish, frolicking beneath the surface of the ocean!

Spell it out:

BEACH or SEASHORE or OCEAN KID: what word or phrase best fits your child’s beach-themed room? That’s entirely up to you with our individual letter decals.

Say it!:

Word-themed art makes a statement, from “Take Me to the Sea” to “I long for Salt Air in My Hair” or “Life Is Better in Board Shorts”. Customize it for a whimsical beach-themed idea for kids’ rooms!

Learn a little something:

Sharks, whales, fish, nautical flags–take the opportunity to educate your child about his favorite things. Add some graphic educational art to the mix and see how quickly he becomes an expert!




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