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The Best Gift Tags Ever

November 11, 2014 / Design Tips, Fun & Favorites, Oopsy At Home, Uncategorized

It’s official–these are the best gift tags ever. Of course we’re biased, but that’s why we’re offering these on our site, right? Because we really believe these are the ideal gift.

Because our “best gift tags ever” are also–you guessed it–our ceramic personalized ornaments.

Talk about the perfect gift.  Our ceramic ornaments are bright and durable ceramic discs with a contemporary design on one side and a complimentary pattern on the other.  Each ornament comes on a ribbon and is ready to hang.

Which is part of what makes them the best gift tags ever. Each personalized ornament can be gifted atop a package, and the recipient is getting two gifts in one. No matter what’s in the gift, the gift tag/personalized ornament attached to it ensures that your recipient will never forget your generosity. Because year after year, the personalized ornament will be a reminder of you and of Christmas past!

We especially love these as new baby gifts (we’ve got a bunch of baby-themed ornaments) and as teacher gifts. At only $16 a pop, you can cross everyone off your list.

And if that’s not the best gift (tag) ever, then we don’t know what is!!


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