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Happy Hanukkah children's placemat by Donna Ingemanson

Great Gifts Under $50 for All the Kids on Your List!

October 7, 2014 / Oopsy At Home


Do not, we repeat, do not get bogged down with holiday gift-giving this year. We have all sorts of memorable gifts for kids–

great gifts under $50.

And even gifts for kids starting at $15.

If you’re anything like us, you vow every year not to get stressed out about Halloween decor, Thanksgiving decor, Hanukkah gifts, Christmas gifts, and New Year’s Eve decor. (We’re not gonna lie; just writing all that out got us a tiny bit worked up.) That’s why we’ve collected a whole group of items that make great, low-priced holiday gifts for kids. And we’re not talking ordinary gifts or boring ones. We’re talking:

Children’s Night lights

Halloween can be spooky. It’s hard to wait up for Santa all night in a dark room. And have you tried staying up till midnight without a night light to keep you company? So many reasons, so many artistic night lights for kids’ rooms.

Children’s Placemats

Imagine sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with your very own  Thanksgiving placemat. Or eating dinner on a Halloween placemat before going out trick-or-treating. We’ve got kids’ placemats for Hanukkah and Christmas dinners, too.

Growth Charts

Holidays make everyone nostalgic, so growth charts are a terrific gift at any family get-together. Every year, the growth chart can be revisited–maybe an annual photo in holiday finery! We’ve got new  growth chart wall decals, too, that can be easily relocated.

Wall Decals

If you’re visiting friends or family out of town and want to bring a little something special, how about a monogrammed wall decal to thank your littlest host for giving up his or her room?

We at Oopsy Daisy are proud that we can offer so many great gifts under $50 for the holidays and any day. It shouldn’t cost a lot of money, or time and stress, to get something truly special for everyone on your list!





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