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Let’s Make Things Personal (with personalized art for kids!)

September 16, 2014 / Oopsy At Home

Kids love to see their name in print–it makes them feel special and important, which of course they already are. We at Oopsy Daisy have plenty of artistic ways to highlight a kid’s name with

personalized art

by Meghann O'Hara

by Meghann O’Hara






by Winborg Sistersby Winborg Sisters


Here are some other fun ways to make a child feel special by celebrating her name:

Personalized Pancakes:

This is a two-step process. First, use a teaspoon to write the child’s initial in pancake batter, backwards, in the heated pan. Let it cook until it’s a little burned, then pour the rest of the batter over it to form a pancake. Let cook for the regular time, flipping once. Voila! The initial will be darker than the rest. Serve them up on a personalized placemat for the ultimate birthday breakfast!

Personalized Pencil:

Using alphabet beads (available at any craft store), string the child’s name onto a cord and wrap the cord around a removable eraser. Tie it tightly, or use a bit of glue to keep it in place. These make great classroom party favors!

Personalized Growth Charts:

A growth chart, by its very nature, is already a wonderfully personal addition to a child’s room. What starts out as wall art for a child’s room becomes, over time and the addition of myriad hash marks, a one-of-a-kind record. Go one step further by putting the child’s name onto his growth chart. It’s a treasure that is as personalized as a snapshot. At Oopsy Daisy, we’ve got growth charts for boys, growth charts for girls, growth charts for babies–dozens of personalized growth chart choices. Come take a look.

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