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Fun and Educational Art for Kids’ Rooms!

August 6, 2014 / Design Tips, Education

Back-to-school season can be kinda fun.  Choosing back-to-school art for kids’ rooms? Now that’s all fun.

Come summer’s end, well-meaning adults are always admonishing school-bound kids that “learning is fun.”  That’s often true, but it’s also hard work, and kids know it.

We here at Oopsy Daisy are proud to be able to tell kids that “learning is fun” and mean it one-hundred percent. Because we’ve got a whole busload of learning-centered art—educational art—that  is just plain fun, even when it teaches them something.

Build knowledge into the bedtime routine

Start with your child’s interests when choosing your canvas wall art. Does he or she like geography? We’ve got map art including USA map art with state capitals, license plate USA map art that can be personalized, and USA map art with important landmarks noted. After teeth-brushing and bedtime stories, turn state memorization into a visual game (“Where do we live? Where does Grandma live?”)

Is your child learning letters, or does he or she love to write? We’ve got dozens of styles of alphabet artwork for kids’ rooms, with themes like animals or world travel or types of transportation. Challenge your child to create a poem about an animal whose name starts with A,  B and so on—for a whole month of poetry.

It’s not only about academics

There’s a lot more to education than just the academics, and there’s a lot more to our educational art and wall decor for kids than class subjects.  Celebrate your child’s love of sports with your choice of  art for football players and art for cheerleaders. (we’ve got soccer art and hockey art too!) Your dancer can choose ballet wall art that fits her style, too. Sports-themed wall art is a great way to let your child know that you think extracurricular interests are important, too.

Spend some downtime with your child during the hectic back-to-school days–browse our educational art to find some brand-new canvas artwork to decorate his or her room. Your child just may be convinced that learning is, indeed, fun.

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