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Carter Carpin's Artwork on Criminal Minds

Oopsy Daisy Art on Criminal Minds

January 22, 2014 / TV & Film

Nothing makes us happier than seeing people enjoy Oopsy Daisy artwork. So, when we spot an Oopsy Daisy canvas art or personalized growth chart on TV, we’re as proud as peacocks! Ergo, seeing Oopsy Daisy art on Criminal Minds recently made us get out the remote and hit the ol’ pause button to bask in our excitement!

In one scene on Episode 3 of Season 9, we spotted artwork from not one, but two Oopsy Daisy Artists! (Well, three if you count one of those artists as a super sister duo).

Carter Carpin‘s “Brilliant Swirl” and “Brilliant Petals” brighten up this hospital family space quite nicely. We saw these instantly, as she’s simply got an energizing, unmistakable style that brings life to a room!

oopsy daisy art on criminal minds

Carter Carpin’s Artwork on Criminal Minds

In the same room, we were bowled over to see another favorite of ours, “Cherry Blossom Birdies” by the Winborg Sisters! There’s nary a room that doesn’t get a dose of sunshine when this sweet artwork is hung on the wall.

oopsy daisy art on criminal minds

Winborg Sisters’ Artwork on Criminal Minds

We think it’s quite clear how proud we are to have our stellar artists in the spotlight! We know we’re not the only ones who adore all their artwork for kids’ rooms, and it’s the icing on the cake to see them on the TV shows we love.


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