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Personalized Growth Charts – Our Family Just Keeps Growing!

October 3, 2013 / Fun & Favorites

When we say that we understand how quickly our little ones grow up, and how time flashes by at lightning speed – we mean it! Although many of us at GreenBox have kids that are big and grown, there are plenty of little ones in the family we can still keep an eye on. We’re so happy to have the latest pics of the smallest Oopsy Daisy-ers to see how they’re measuring up on their very own personalized growth charts. They’re not listening, though, when we’re telling them to SLOW DOWN!!! Stop growing so fast!

Remember Sweet Sebastian and his precious smile when he was introduced as the oldest kiddo earlier this year? Well, we think you’ll agree that he continues to grow into one dapper little dude. Not only has he grown an inch and a half, his big, shiny smile has turned into quite the crafty grin! Maybe he’s thinking of all the fun ahead now that he’s an awesome big brother. Mommy Christina has her hands full with two charming boys – and this one’s already 41.5″ tall and 3 years , 8 months. Slow it down there, Sebastian!

Next up is another young man that’s getting too old (and too handsome!), too soon – LIttle T-bolt Teigan.  Sweet Cheeks here looks so different from last time we saw him getting measured on his height chart! We can’t believe he’s already 1 year, 5.5 months. He’s grown about two inches and looks to be about 30 inches tall now! His mama Carly is pleading with him to stop growing so fast, but that little rascal just won’t listen.

Lovely Lady Lila with the big, beautiful eyes, my how you’ve grown (two and a half inches)! Last time we saw you, you needed a bit more help standing up in front of your growth chart. Well, your daddy Steve is overjoyed that you’re growing nice and tall, but his heart breaks a tiny bit every day as you get a little older. Miss Lila is a mobile and curious little gal at a year old, and already 27.5 inches tall in this photo.

Lastly, let’s give a warm welcome to Sir Baby Felix. Christina had this sweetums back in May, and it’s a pleasure to meet him. Big Brother Sebastian, we thank you for sharing! Felix is nearly 3.5 months old in this photo and allllmost big enough for his height to be measured on his growth chart – 23.5 inches tall! Looks like he takes after his tall, cutie-pie brother. Watch out, Christina – you’d better keep an eye on these two.

Stay tuned for future updates on how fast our cuddle-bugs sprout up as we measure them on their Oopsy Daisy personalized growth charts. Isn’t this way more fun than photos with height markings on the kitchen wall? The best part is, these growth charts can be saved forever and go wherever life takes these special families so they don’t ever have to let go of those precious memories.

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