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"Animal Studies" Canvas Art by Nancy Wolff

Back to School! Discover Smart Art from Oopsy Daisy

August 14, 2013 / Design Tips, Education

Well, moms and dads, boys and girls – it’s back to school time! Back to the exciting time of learning, making new friends, seeing old friends, and figuring out what your little ones want to grow up to become. It’s known to all you parents out there that personalities emerge from when they’re tiny tots. So, now’s the time we get to nurture their interests and get them to dabble in new things through school and extracurricular activities. Whether your little ones’ favorite part of their school day is Science class, Art class, or the Football team after school, smart art from Oopsy Daisy will not only look great on their bedroom walls, it will motivate and educate your brood every day.

For the little smarty-pants in your life, surround them with smart art from Oopsy Daisy full of inspiration to learn more about the world around them. From wall art decor that depicts our galaxy’s many cool facets to an artful rendition of our Periodic Table of Elements, we’ve mastered the art of science!


When it comes to getting some of our little ones to love school – sports is the answer! If PE is your child’s favorite class or they simply can’t wait until school’s out to play with their extracurricular team, encourage their love of the game with sports themed wall art for their room. We’ve got artwork for cheerleaders, golfers, soccer fans, football stars, and tons more! Bring their favorite sports to their walls to keep their spirits high.


On to our favorite subject in school – ART! If your budding artist just brightens up when surrounded by colorful artwork, we’ve got just the ticket for filling those walls. While all of our artwork is bursting with creativity and life, use our handy search tools for narrowing down just the artwork to fit your little one’s personality. Our search tools are made up of themes, colors, artists, and product categories, all on the left-hand side of our store’s website.



If you’re looking for art that educates and inspires, smart art from Oopsy Daisy will definitely expand your tyke’s horizons. Shop our ever-popular map wall art for art that helps expand local, national, and global knowledge, or our awesome alphabet art for catching the little ones up to speed on their ABC’s. Teach your children well with engaging and uplifting artwork for the home.

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