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Ocean Themed Kid's Room with a Twist

Ocean Themed Kids Rooms With an Unexpected Twist

February 20, 2013 / Design Tips

Ahoy, mateys! Funky finds off the starboard bow:

What comes to mind when thinking of decorating with a “theme”? For some of us, a constricting box comes to mind. Well, Oopsy daisy is here to open that box and let the sunshine in! Yes, it’s easy to let a theme take over in a room, especially a room for kids. But, a theme can also be a priceless tool to help guide you in your decor choices. Today, our motif focus will be on ocean themed kids rooms, and we’ll be giving those bits and baubles an unexpected twist!

Our featured room, found on houzz.com, is a nautical theme that incorporates typical vintage maritime decor, with artwork featuring sea creatures. To keep the look current, we’ve used a color palette of gray, blue, and orange. The artwork we chose for the feature wall above the bed is an unexpected style that’s modern and whimsical. The artist, Jennifer Mercede, uses a style made up of doodles and fine-detailed scribbles to create recognizable subjects in a modern and funky way. Bold reds, blues, and oranges provide a wide array of color choices for changing accessories on a whim. Settling on those cool, vintage seafarer finds is going to be the hard part!

We cast our net, and came up with a fun catch. There are so many fun options of pillows, wallpaper, knick knacks and more for ocean themed kids rooms that you may extend the decor throughout the rest of the house! Not to mention, this style is most definitely suitable for the contemporary beachside cottage. So, check out the links to these fantastic aquatic accessories and you’ll stumble upon even more on their stores’ sites. Plus, if you’re looking for more quirky beach and ocean themed kids wall decor, cruise our site for a treasure trove! Be sure to follow our Pinterest board “Nautical Room Decor for Kids” !

Not Your Average Ocean Themed Accessories:
1. Green Aluminum Porthole Mirror from Etsy
2. Hook Pillows by Seaside Inspired
3. Whitby Wallpaper by Mini Moderns
4. Maritime Mini-Pendant Light by Destination Lighting
5. Seafarer’s Rope Ottoman by Nautical Luxuries
6. Octopus Hooked Marine LIfe Rug by Blue Barnacles

Some Unexpected Ocean Themed Artwork: 
Sea of Love – Blue by Suzy Ultman
Minnow Pals by Amy Schimler
The Love Ship by Jessica Swift
Whale Pod by Amy Shaw
Anchor Marquee Light by Vintage Marquee Lights

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