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Eat Your Heart Out!

February 12, 2013 / Fun & Favorites

Have you noticed that a box of chocolates is not high on the list of kids’ favorite Valentines treats? Maybe it’s something about never knowing what you’re gonna get–kids aren’t patient when it comes to culinary disappointment (coconut creme, anyone?). So we’ve pulled together some of our all-time favorite Valentine treats for kids. The terrific thing about these is that they are–wait for it–easy. Really. Even the heart-filled cake.

The simplest of all is one kids can get in on the act with–chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks, which make great teacher gifts.

And why not have dessert first on Valentine’s Day, beginning with this candy pizza heart? Imagine the little ones decorating it with their favorite toppings (shredded coconut makes a fun substitution for shredded cheese, if that’s acceptable in your house–see first paragraph!).

And these jumbo candy hearts are adorably simple–it’s colored dough that gives them the candy-colored appeal.

Finally, chocolate-dipped strawberries are super simple, as long as you remember to dry the strawberries completely after washing and before dipping. Store-bought, these treats cost a small fortune, but made at home? Priceless. You can afford to make enough for Mom and Dad, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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