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Sports Locker Collection by Jones Segarra

Use Art Repetition to Create Drama

January 15, 2013 / Design Tips

One way to make a major statement on the walls of your kids’ bedrooms and playrooms is to multiply your Oopsy daisy fine art collection. We don’t mean to ask you to do any difficult math, only find your chosen artwork and throw the coordinating cousins in the cart, too! See, we offer many pieces of artwork by certain artists in similar colorways or themes intended to coordinate. With this as an option, we encourage you to use art repetition to create drama on the walls.

While we’re always suggesting to mix and match wall art, even with different artists, and with and without frames, we also have a great collection of coordinating artwork that will make a powerful presentation when displayed as a repetitive compilation. We love the License Plate Peace Signs by Aaron Foster arranged in a row, creating a horizontal border on your wall and maximizing the art to wall space ratio, this is a fantastic example that would work for boy or girl, up into the tweens and teens! Notice how we’ve selected most of the peace signs in the same size, save one that is the largest option; and all in different, yet coordinating, colorways.

Another set of coordinating stretched canvas pieces that happen to be very popular with our young sports buffs are the Sports Lockers by Jones Segarra. Jones has represented popular sports in coordinating color palettes, and in the same 12×36 size. No need to choose a favorite, line them all up for a sports enthusiast gallery perfect for girl or boy.

Check out artist collections from Aaron Christensen, Alice Feagan, Annette Tatum, and Eric Carle for great selections of pieces that coordinate eclectically or traditionally in corresponding sizes – perfect for grouping repetitively. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg, of course. We’ve got loads of amazing works by spectacular artists in any style you’re looking for. Start with themes if you already have a motif, or search by artist or colorway for tons of different options. And, don’t forget, call us if you need us! We’re always here to help.

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