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Educational Fabric Wall Decals by Jill McDonald and Allison Cole

Playrooms that Educate

January 9, 2013 / Design Tips

GreenBox Art + Culture’s passion is providing fine art for everyone. Oopsy daisy has been doing that for years, and we’ve amassed quite a collection of incredible artwork from amazingly talented artists from around the world. We’ve got artwork for nearly any theme you can think of, and then some. Our educational artwork is arguably our most popular theme to date. In fact, nearly every time we add new art to the collection, you’ll find some new educational pieces in that mix. We think there’s always a place for artwork that educates (a child’s study space for one!), and none more fitting than a child’s playroom. Playrooms that educate encourage the best kind of learning – the fun kind!

Maps are a great place to start when looking for educational wall art for children, and boy have we got them! We have map themed canvas wall art, placemats, fabric wall decals, and mural banners. Another very popular educational theme is our wall decor for kids featuring the alphabet and numbers – and this theme is always growing! On top of all that, we’ve got themes focusing on global, science, dinosaurstravel, bugs & butterflies, music, nursery rhymes, animals, farms, and the world! The fact is, all art is educational in one way or another, but we’ve got your needs covered with specific education themes for children’s playrooms.

And don’t forget that we’ve got the perfect wall art for your playroom in the perfect size, too! From huge murals that stick, to our smallest sizes of canvas wall art perfect for grouping, find artwork for all playrooms that educate that fit any budget.

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