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Oopsy daisy is on Pinterest!

November 13, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

We thought it might pinterest you (sorry) to know that Oopsy daisy is on Pinterest.  And if you’re not familiar with Pinterest yet, go go go! We’ll wait, even if your quick check-in ends up lasting an hour (or is that just us when we try to do a quick Pinterest check-in?).

And why is Oopsy daisy Fine Art for Kids on Pinterest? Because

it combines so many things we love,

like charming and creative kid’s roomslearning and education, perfect parties and playdates, even delectable meals and tasty treats your kids will love.

We have gathered hundreds of photos that interest us. And through the magic of Pinterest, we have “pinned” them to our board. You can peruse a section and click on the images that grab you. You’ll then be taken to the website from which the pin originated.

And, of course, you can keep up with some of your favorite Oopsy daisy artists, like Annette Tatum and Creative Thursday by Marisa. , up-and-coming and established artists, home decor ideas, crafts and fun ways to spend time with your children.

We’re getting more followers every day, and we’re enjoying sharing inspiration with you. Oopsy daisy Fine Art for Kids is more than the number-one source  in the United States for engaging art-based products that embrace childhood and celebrate individual artistic efforts (though it is that, and we’re very proud!). It’s also a way of life, a way to enjoy and celebrate childhood and creativity. That’s why Oopsy daisy is on Pinterest, andthat’s why we hope you’ll join us!

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