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Winborg fairy room
Purple Fairy Room featuring artwork by Winborg Sisters

How to Group Your Wall Art for Major Impact

November 15, 2012 / Design Tips

Create impact by stacking art of various shapes. A straight line across the top creates the necessary unity.

Yes, we do know it’s hard to choose just one stretched canvas art from our fun-filled collection. We like it that way, so we’re encouraging you to embrace the multiple pieces you’ve fallen in love with, and create a magnificent focal point in your little one’s bedroom or playroom. Group your wall art, and you’ll have a museum-worthy wall that will have your friends asking you for design advice.

Now, please don’t feel timid about selecting a grouping of artwork, we’re here to help and offer tips to make it work for your you. (We have instant chat available during office hours when you’re shopping on our site, or feel free to call or email us!) You’ll first want to select artwork either with the same theme, by the same artist, or in the same color family. We’ve most definitely got loads of coordinating pieces that look fabulous together, without giving you that “matchy-matchy” look as if you got all of the room’s components from one big box. Next, go crazy with the sizes and shapes of the pieces you choose. Rectangles and squares can be a match made in heaven when placed on your wall with a little forethought and puzzle solving!

When deciding how to place your kids wall art collection on the wall, envision a straight line to place multiple pieces along, such as a vertical line on one side as we’ve done in our Purple Fairy Room. Or, you can have pieces line up horizontally along the top like you see in our Teal Jungle Animal Room. Then, the remainder of the pieces can fit in to the area in sort of a grid pattern, leaving consistent spacing in between. You can play around with the layout without making holes in the wall by cutting out butcher’s paper in the same sizes and shapes of the artwork and taping those to the walls in different configurations. See how it’s like putting a puzzle together?

Once you’ve decided on the layout you like best, we find it easiest to hold the artwork against the wall where you’d like it to hang, then use the sawtooth hanger on the back as a marking tool. When you gently press the sawtooth hanger against your wall, pulling down a tiny bit creates a small mark in the exact spot your nail or screw should go. Although, if you’re skilled in the ways of a leveler and tape measure, take the “pro-route” and create your gallery masterpiece! You know what we always say: the more art on the wall, the better! (You may not have known that, but that is how we truly feel.)

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