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1 Large Canvas Wall Art and Peel and Place

Big Art for Impact

November 23, 2012 / Design Tips

Our goal as a fine art provider is to bring color and vitality to homes, and throughout our years of filling bedrooms and playrooms with vibrant artwork, we’ve noticed a trend. Our customers want big art. And who can blame them? When people walk into your home, you want them to be wowed with your personality that shines through your décor. More importantly, you want your little ones to be wowed every morning when they wake up, through every night when they’re snuggling in to bed by their engaging, purely imaginative, fine artwork on their walls.

We agree that big art is a great way to go, and Oopsy daisy has expanded its larger fine art offerings from stretched canvas wall art to now include various sizes of fabric wall decals. Our murals that stick come in size 72”x54”, vertical and horizontal options, to make an affordable, impressive display on your wall. We encourage you to enhance your walls with bold artwork that creates a backdrop to your everyday life adventures. Little ones love the detail in our engaging artwork, so we say, “the bigger, the better”! With all the kids wall art we offer in multiple sizes, hands-down we receive more feedback of  unbridled customer glee over large art purchases. Seriously!

In conclusion, we suggest you add a little drama to your life in the ways of your walls. Bold, big art is surprisingly perfect in almost any space. If you’ve had an inkling to go “big” with your wall art decor, go with your gut. You won’t regret it!


1 A to Z Animal Prints canvas wall art by Jennifer Hill and Retro Rocket Peel and Place by Jill Bachman Pabich
2 Cherry Blossom Birdies mural that sticks by Winborg Sisters
3 Big Wide World mural that sticks by Johnny Yanok
4 Forest Fairies mural that sticks by Jill McDonald 

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