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by Winborg Sisters, oopsydaisy.com

Art Wall Clocks for Kids Rooms Brighten Up Daylight Savings Time

November 5, 2012 / Design Tips, Events

Did you remember to turn back on November 4?

(That’s okay, we’ll wait…)

It’s one more hour of sleep, but it makes it seem like night rolls in right after lunch. But there is a way to brighten up the gloom of Fall Daylight Savings: art wall clocks for kids rooms!

How can anyone wake up on the wrong side of the bed when greeted by a bright, artistic canvas clock? We have dozens to choose from, in all sorts of colors and themes. But even more than that, we have a range of interesting styles that incorporate fine art and time-telling in amusingly creative ways.

Let’s start with the three-piece art set, or triptych. We have a number of three-piece art wall clocks, with two canvas art pieces and one clock in the center. We’ve got one for kids who love wheels and trucks, another for fans of robots, and one for kids who believe in fairies. Meghann O’Hara’s popular Jungle Pals paintings are available for boys or girls.

Of course, each of these center pieces is available individually as well, so if your space is limited, or if you want to mix and match, you can just buy the clock on its own.

We also have clever canvas wall art that incorporates the clock right into the scene. Check out City Sidewalk by WInborg Sisters. There’s a version with a blue car and another with a pink car that’s perfect for girls. In each, a bustling city street features a building with a clock on it: a working clock!

Finally, we offer the time-honored cuckoo clock. Of course, this one has a particulary artistic twist: its a canvas collage of a cuckoo clock with a face that actually works. There’s one with a pink background and a blue bird, another with a yellow background and yellow bird, and still another with a blue background and a puppy instead of a bird. That’s right, a cuckoo clock for any decor!

We can’t do anything about the dark afternoons. We can’t do anything to make it easier to get out of a cozy bed on a dark and frosty morning. But we can offer art wall clocks for kids rooms that brighten up any wall!





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