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Personalized Kids’ Growth Charts

October 1, 2012 / Design Tips, Uncategorized

My, how you’ve grown!

Have your kids received their school photos yet? In our house, one child has worn the same shirt for the past three years’ photos, just so he can see how much he’s grown (for the record, we bought it big and it’s getting a little tight). That’s one way to chart a child’s growth, but we have a better way (sorry, son): growth charts.

Truly attractive, art-quality growth charts for kids used to be hard to find. Trust us, we made many a frustrating attempt years ago to find one. That problem is solved, once and for all. Oopsy daisy has dozens of fine art growth charts for kids, each of which can even be personalized.

The only dilemma is which to choose. Seriously, there are nearly 150 of them, with just about any subject matter or color scheme a child could desire. Here are a few:

Growth charts and giraffes’ loooong necks go together like PB&J. Grow by Jennifer Mercede is just one of the giraffe growth charts we’ve got.

Maybe your little cowpoke is just knee-high to a grasshopper today, but tomorrow he’ll be one tall hombre. Chart it on Howdy Cowboy by Aaron Christensen.

We’ve all heard that kids grow like weeds, but how about seaweed? Under the Sea has that one covered. Flowers and trees, too, with How Does My Garden Grow? and Modern Dog, respectively.

Before you know it, your little monkey will take off like a rocket, growing as tall as the Eiffel Tower in no time.

And that’s not something a school photo can capture, no matter what shirt he’s wearing.


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