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DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

October 15, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

Hooray for Halloween! When you stop to think about it, it’s pretty cool that there’s a whole day given over, in large part, to kids’ imaginations. There’s a catch, though, because sometimes those imaginations are way ahead of their abilities in costume creation. So we’ve assembled a few of our favorite DIY Halloween costumes for kids. They’re imaginative and they are, most importantly, really easy. Have fun!

This clever cotton candy costume uses pillow fill that’s been spray-painted pink. And the top is a simple clown wig with the hair removed and a bit of pillow fluff attached in its place. Yum!

This pinata costume is a little labor-intensive but it’s easy. And older kids can help with the felt-cutting. Attach them all to a super-warm sweatsuit and a kid is good to go. And yes, he or she will be filled with candy by the end of the night.

This free puppies costume is just too cute for words. Don’t have a puppy costume? Put some ears on a sweatshirt hood and dab on a black nose with mascara. Teddy bears can substitute for puppies, depending on the child’s favorite little buddies.

Finally, this flower pot is no more than a plastic bucket with the bottom removed (a saw might work), suspenders attached to it, and fake flowers attached. Add a smaller flower pot for candy collecting. So sweet!

Happy Halloween to all our little trick-or-treaters, and stay tuned for a collection of some of the easiest DIY creative pumpkins!


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