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work by marisa anne cummings of creative thursday

Creative Thursday – Everyday Inspiration to Grow Your Creative Practice

October 25, 2012 / Featured Artist, Uncategorized

Stop for a moment, and just really think about where you are in life, creatively speaking. Marisa Anne Cummings wants you to know that you are right where you’re supposed to be. You may feel like you’ve gotten off track, like many of us have felt time and time again. But, Marisa believes that it’s all part of the journey to get you where you belong. Creative Thursday is not only her new book title, but also a goal to all of us to be more creative and seek that colorful life you want – especially on Thursdays!

It may be impossible to tear your eyes away from Marisa’s delightfully adorable characters we’ve come to dearly love in her artwork collection, but her book has a strong message in it, too. It’s about encouragement and inspiration to listen to your own voice in your journey for the unmatchable accomplished feeling of being creative. Watch Marisa’s video trailer of her book to hear in her own words, the hope she has for everyone to live their most creative life.

With more than 60 items in our Oopsy daisy line by Creative Thursday by Marisa, you can line your walls with inspiration and absolute charm.  It’s nearly impossible to choose a favorite, but there’s really no need. They all compliment one another, so go ahead and create a gallery of your picks!

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