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Best Birthday Gift Ever? Personalized Growth Chart!

October 18, 2012 / Fun & Favorites, Uncategorized

Every year, Mom and Pop excitedly celebrate baby’s birthday, reflecting on how they can’t believe a year, two years, three years – have passed. Are you looking for a special way to contribute to all the memory making? Add a new tradition to Junior’s birthday by getting the little one a personalized growth chart as a gift! You’ll be remembered every year for giving them such a stellar gift, as they mark Half-Pint’s height on that special day (and any day in between).

Growth charts make perfect birthday presents for babies and kids. By giving the gift of a custom canvas height chart, you’re not only providing a cherished memento to Mom and Dad, you’re also giving a gift of art appreciation to their little one. Oopsy daisy’s growth charts are fashioned after existing artwork from our extensive line of nursery wall art and kids wall décor. We find educational, original, spectacular artwork from current working artists around the world to reproduce and fill the rooms of kids of all ages. Each growth chart comes ready to hang among the other artwork in baby’s room, with four grommets to secure over regular screws from the hardware store. We include decorative screw covers to offer a nice, clean finish on this functional piece of art.

Be sure to get your little pal’s name added to the growth chart, for that extra personal touch. A personalized growth chart will be such a special reminder to Mom and Dad of how quickly their little beansprout grew. They’ll think you’re the best gift giver around, especially when you tell them they can use the darling gift tube  (all of our growth charts come packaged in them) as a keepsake container once little one goes off to college.

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