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Courtesy of New York Apple Association © New York Apple Association

The Art of Apple Picking

September 24, 2012 / Events

There’s an art to apple picking,

& at Oopsy daisy, we’re all about art!

Have you heard the news this year? A mild winter + a late-April freeze has resulted in a very low apple crop. By some estimations, this year’s apple harvest is one-tenth the average. One tenth! But we are not going to let that stop us from enjoying one of our favorite family traditions; apple picking.

There are fewer of them, but their taste is every bit as delicious–maybe even more so, given their relative scarcity. Here are a few tips on the art of apple picking, designed to help you get the most out of your trip.

-If it’s pick-your-own you want, make sure that’s what you’re getting. Search “pick your own apples” and read the farm’s description to make sure you get to pick them from the tree, not the bin.

-Don’t pull! Grab the apple you want and give it a firm twist to remove it from the branch.

-Start on the edges. The apples on the outer branches of the tree tend to ripen first.

-Know your type! Don’t judge an apple’s ripeness by its color: some are green or yellow when ripe. Know what you’re picking so you know the color you’re looking for.

-Don’t throw. Place the apples gently in your basket or bag so they don’t bruise before you even get them home.

-Enjoy every bite. Especially this year, when apples are especially precious!

If you can’t get enough apples (and this year, unfortunately, we mean that literally!), add some apple art to your walls. We’ve got a variety of apple-themed fine art for kids, like this adorable piece by Eleanor Grosch that features a plaid horse or the hilarious Bad Apple by Aesthetic Apparatus. We’ve even got a Red Apple placemat to put under the pie you make with all those apples you’ve picked! And unlike the pick-your-own fruit,  our canvas wall art and fine art placemats never spoil and can be enjoyed year-round!


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