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Recipe for Success: Personal Study Space

September 6, 2012 / Design Tips, Education

Helping your kids make sense of stresses brought home from school can be a bear! It’s no easy task to bestow good study habits and a good work ethic on to your offspring. But, homework could become one area of routine and proud accomplishment. Once your youngsters hit the age where homework is a reality, and it will only increase, it’s important to get them on board. Homework gets tougher as they age, but the right environment can help them with their focus and efficiency.

Providing your children with their own set study area can work wonders in the homework battle. A place where your kids can focus, have little to no distractions, and all the tools they need will allow them to take homework time serious.  A personal study space encourages kids to take pride in their work and own it as their responsibility.

We, of course, want to talk about how to design that whiz of a workspace! Any nook will do- it just needs to be an area where you feel you’re accessible, but not too close to be a distraction. A desk and chair are no-brainers when deciding what to add to this space- along with a lamp, some desk accessories, and, of course, canvas wall art, an inviting study space is born! Here are a couple of our favorite style combos:

  • We love the rustic look of these Restoration Hardware baby & child options. To complete this look, we would combine our educational kids wall art in a vintage style, along with a classic work lamp, and a functional desk organizer.
  1. Hughes Desk and Tarver Chair by Restoration Hardware
  2. Nyfors Work Lamp by Ikea
  3. Desktop Storage Unit from Target
  4. Inspirational artwork for kids rooms by Shelly Kennedy
  • Our modern side must also make a suggestion! AllModern has a top-notch selection of desks that will keep your home chic. And don’t worry; we’ve always got some modern kids wall décor to complete the look.
  1. Blu Dot Writing Desk 51 from AllModern
  2. Herman Miller Eames Chair from Smart Furniture
  3. Solaris Table Lamp from Overstock.com
  4. DiVOGA Mod Desk Organizer from OfficeMax
  5. Patriotic Patterns map art by Jennifer Hill

Be sure to get the kids involved, so they are sure to love their new space! Try some DIY- like this Phone Book Desk Organizer by CraftGossip.com, or upcycle a used desk with a shiny coat of paint. The more personal they can make this space, the farther you’ll go in teaching them pride in their work.

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