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Mission Impossible: Unique Baby Shower Gifts – Personalized Growth Charts

September 20, 2012 / Fun & Favorites, Uncategorized

Baby showers can be some of the most fun times in gal-get-together history. However, opening only gifts from a registry can be a bit ho-hum, not only for the mama, but also for her guests! If you’re looking to deviate from the requested necessities your pregnant loved one needs, get her an additional gift she’ll cherish forever. Personalized growth charts are unexpected and truly charming baby shower gifts for any mommy-to-be.

Oopsy daisy, Fine Art for Kids has specialized in personalized nursery wall art and gifts for over 13 years to bring kids special treasures they’ll love throughout childhood. Growth charts not only visually show you the height measurements throughout the years, but also provide memory triggers of those sweet kiddos that just won’t stay little. You can always take a growth chart with you when you move, too! That can’t be said for the door jam markings we grew up with. Each kids growth chart comes in our signature giftable green tube (that can also be used to store it as a keepsake later). There are four grommets from which to hang the growth chart, and color coordinated screw covers to finish the look.

Growing up happens so quickly, and many mothers don’t think to get themselves a growth chart to save the visual reminder of their little ones going from tiny to tall in seemingly the blink of an eye. Be the hero and get your preggers pal a custom canvas height chart featuring art that will perfectly accent her nursery wall art. Not only will you be giving your friend an unexpected stylish element to complement nursery art she’s chosen, you’ll be giving her a very personal gift she can cherish long after her babies have grown and gone to college.

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