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Letters to Words book cover
Letters to Words book cover

Kids Art Illustrations by Alice Feagan Bring World Book Encyclopedia to Life through

September 13, 2012 / Education

Alice Feagan has a distinct artistic style, which is perfect for telling a story!  Her cut-paper collages are a definite match when considering art styles for kids art illustrations. World Book Encyclopedia has sought out this talented artist to illustrate the book cover and chapter headers for Letters to Words, a chapter book for their Childcraft Annual Series.

Each kids art illustration helps to tell the history of letters, alphabets, words and languages in this informational nonfiction work.  Whether you’re young or old, I think we all can admit to enjoying pictures’ presence in a book. Alice’s artwork livens up each chapter full of information. It paints a picture for the reader to really put time periods, concepts, and cultures into perspective when reading about this vast subject.

We adore Alice Feagan’s classic designs in kids wall art, and love to imagine what stories little ones come up with for her canvas wall art such as Out to Sea and The Sailing Whales. If ever there were an artist to spark one’s imagination, Alice Feagan is surely it!

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