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Fine Art for Teens

Fine Art for Teens

September 17, 2012 / Design Tips, Uncategorized

As our friend Kermit once said, “it’s not all that easy being a teen.” Oh, wait–that’s not it? Whatever the frog said, we can probably all agree that teens are a special bunch with their own needs, including “my own space,” “my own life,” “privacy”–oh, again, maybe that’s particular to our situation.

We here at Oopsy daisy can’t provide some of those teen requirements, but we can do what we do best–offer them their very own fine art. Like all our other Oopsy daisy fine art for kids, our fine art for teens is hand-stretched canvs art by some of the best artists around. So while we can’t provide your teen with her own space, we can decorate her space with her own fine art.

Izak Zenou‘s elongated, painterly style immediately identifies him as a fashion illustrator, making his work ideal for young fashionistas and whimsy-hearted teens.

Linda Ketelhut “gets” teens, as her Vacate the Heartache makes clear. The strong colors and strong messages, like “Love or Bust,” “Take a Bridge to Somewhere” and “This Day is a Work in Progress” make these 60s-inspired pieces ideal for pensive teens (and honestly, what teen isn’t pensive?).

Susana Parada‘s Zodiac series is a fun and colorful way for teens to express their individuality. It’s like a fresh update on those prints of a bouquet with the month beneath it that many of their parents (or grandparents!) probably had.

Susana Parada is, by the way, the one who created the “Big Deal on My Blog” piece you see here. Did she make it just for us? Well, no, but like any fine art for teens that’s worth its salt, we sure feel that way.


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