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Paper Masterpieces

August 27, 2012 / Crafts

School’s in, and with it, the deluge of backpack flyers coming home. From the preschool notes pinned to their totebags (how cute is that?) to the wadded-up pages at the bottom of their  backpacks, kids bring a lot of paper home during the first few weeks of school, don’t they?

So what’s a little more? Seriously, with all the forms and notes and reminders, we thought it would be fun to share a few constructive uses for paper. And we mean that “constructive” part literally. Just print these templates out, follow the directions  and you and the kids can construct some pretty amazing things.

Artist Timothy Haugen has a whole set of lovely little treasures available to create, including this adorable fawn.

The folks over at canon (as in the cameras and printers, natch!) have a delightfully large assortment of printables from a variety of artists. Check out this detailed aquarium, which would look terrific on a kid’s desk.

Artist and designer Joel Henriques offers whimsical characters and buildings at his made by Joel site. These are great because kids can color them first. That’s a lot of bang for your quiet-time buck.

Toxic Paper Factory offers some more complex folds and designs, like these bulbous little cats. Cute.

Once you’ve mastered all of the above, or if you’re feeling particularly crafty, check out this papercraft alphabet from digitprop. It’s got a lot of cuts and folds and glue lines, but there are also detailed directions for each letter. And the results are amazing.

And here’s a thought–save paper by using the back of all those school flyers for these projects. You will have an absolutely endless supply!

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