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From Eric Carle’s Colorful World to Beloved Kids Wall Art

August 23, 2012 / Education, Fun & Favorites, TV & Film

Throughout our lifetimes, artists will touch our hearts at different stages and ages. With fans that last from their childhood to adulthood, no artist has touched more hearts than Eric Carle. Having sold over 36 million copies of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and over 118 million copies of Eric Carle books sold worldwide, countless minds have been transformed into book lovers through his heartwarming illustrations and memorable stories.

AARP, The American Association of Retired Persons, recently featured the celebrated artist in an interview that ran on their PBS show My Generation. The interview introduces us to the life and childhood that shaped Eric Carle into a renowned collage illustrator of children’s picture books. He grew up in Germany during World War II, getting introduced as a young teenager to so called “degenerate art” by an art teacher and mentor. This modern art, including Picasso and Expressionists, was banned by the Nazis for its avant-garde nature. His glimpse into this new world of art changed his life.

All of his books have been an exciting creative process, starting with ideas which he credits, “Some come from the inside, and some come from the outside.” He’s created picture books he should have had as a child, and now gets to enjoy as an adult. Every character created by Eric Carle has a special place in the hearts of many. We at Oopsy daisy, Fine Art for Kids are honored to capture his vibrant images providing visual memories as artwork for kids rooms to last for generations.



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