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Happy Campers, Part II

July 2, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

A couple weeks ago we blogged about Oopsy daisy’s adorable necklaces as the perfect love-from-home item to tuck into a girl’s duffel bag for camp. And we promised we’d think about comparable thinking-of-you items for boys.

So here we go! (Actually, all these ideas work for girls, too.)

1) Got a kid who’s a little nervous about leaving home? In our house, we love these road id bracelets. They’re exactly like those bracelets that show your support for causes or groups, except these have removable, stainless-steel engraved ids on them. You can choose from 4 sizes and 7 colors, so there’s somthing for every kid. It’s a practical item that a child can wear on his or her wrist to have a constant reminder of home. Just engrave important names and numbers and the child can wear it at all times, giving a sense of home and security.

2) How about sewing a little note inside the sleeping bag? Just get a square of fabric, write a sweet “I miss you note” on it and sew it inside the bag, 6 inches down or so. No one else will see it, but the child will know it’s there.

3) Or use the same idea as #2 but sew one of those plush pets for backpacks on instead. You know, the little stuffed animals on keychains that kids attach to their backpacks. Instead of on a backpack, sew the loop inside the sleeping bag. It’s a nice little surprise for that first lonely night away.

As for parents, what’s the cure for your first night when your kid’s at camp? That’s another post for another time.


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