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Fabric Scrap Mobile by Annette Tatum

July 12, 2012 / Crafts

Here’s how to make your very own fabric scrap mobile.

You will need:
– 1 Embroidery Hoop (small or large)
– a selection of colored and patterned fabrics (we used patterns from our Little House Collections, available at annettetatum.com)
– scissors
– fishing line for hanging

Step 1:
First, choose some fabrics that coordinate nicely together or just choose randomly to create a rainbow effect. Tear the fabrics into roughly 1 inch wide strips and as long as you like. Simply cut small notches in the fabric to start the tear. Keep them long or short, the inconsistencies just make each mobile unique!

Step 2:
Once you have ripped many long strips of the fabric start tying the strips in a row onto the embroidery hoop. Continue tying strips, switching up colors and fabric lengths, until you have filled the hoop.

Step 3:
Use the fishing line to hang the mobile. Cut a long piece of fishing line in to 4 pieces. Tie each piece of fishing line to the mobile and tie a loop so the mobile will hang evenly.

Step 4:
All done! You can add beads or other ribbon to add character if you like. Hang it anywhere…in a tree, in a window, over a desk or bed, the possibilities are endless!


XO Annette

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