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Just For You, Dad

June 11, 2012 / Events

Father’s Day is on its way! Personally, we love personalized gifts.

Dads do too, right? That’s part of why they love the little handprints kids bring home from art class, or the tiny clay pots they make. Not only are those trinkets darn cute, but they represent more than a little forethought: “I made this just for you, Dad!”

Here are some other gifts that get the same warm message across, albeit in a more grown-up way.

Check out this personalized bottle opener. It’s the size of a credit card to fit right in his wallet, and you can put any message on it you’d like, from “Here’s to you, Dad!” (get it?) to the oldie-but-goody standby, “I love you, Dad.”

Here’s a gift that’s about as personalized as you can get (or give); a personalized bobblehead. What a great idea. (Although we will say, the company’s sample already looks a lot like a few dads we know.)

Cards can be personalized, too, and not just with the signature. Here’s a decoder card that can send him a secret message. Very cool.

Finally, don’t forget our favorite gift: personalized art. It’s on sale here at www.oopsydaisy.com between now and Father’s Day (how convenient!). Think outside the box on this one: how about a growth chart that says “Dad’s Little Girl,” or an alphabet print that says “D is for Dad?” These would be especially adorable in the nursery or as a gift for a new dad.

Don’t let the day go by without telling him how terrific he is. Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

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