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Happy Campers

June 4, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

Are you sending a not-so-little one off to sleep-away camp this summer? We are. First time ever.  “Everyone gets a little homesick their first time at camp,” we offer helpfully. “It’s not my first time,” she responds, which must mean that the one-night overnight with the entire fifth-grade class counts. OK.

This reticence to admit that homesickness is inevitable just means we’ll have to be sneaky. We’ll already be leaving a few sealed letters with the camp counselor, to be meted out during the week.

But today we had a brainstorm. And (surprise!) it involves this very site. No, we won’t be tucking canvas wall art into her duffel bag—that would be cool, but how to display it in a tent?

No, we’ve come up with the perfect idea for girls going off to camp for the first time (or second or third!).

An Oopsy daisy necklace is the perfect going-away gift. They are cheery and fun, making them great conversation starters at dinner. And she can wear it at night. If things get lonely, she can hold the necklace and know that everyone at home is missing her, too.

Best of all, since these necklaces are not terribly expensive, we can even send along another one in case she makes a new BFF. What better parting gift from a new friend than a matching, colorful necklace?

Now for something to send off to camp with a potentially homesick boy. We’ll think on that and let you know what we come up with. Any suggestions?

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