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How Does Your Garden Grow?

May 1, 2012 / Education

Gardens need more than just soil, water and sunshine. They need seed money (in fact, maybe that’s where the expresssion came from!). Seed money for things like tools, plants and, yep, seeds.

And as anyone who has ever gardened can tell you, gardening’s good for the soul. And all sorts of other things, like understanding of nutrition, patience, responsibility and self-worth. Which is why, in our opinion, every kid who wants to garden should be able to.

That’s why we’re high on KidsGardening.org. It’s so many things, from a clearing-house of information and teacher support to a fund-raiser and store. Part of the National Gardening Association, their goal is to promote the connections between people, plants and the environment. Spend some time at their site and see how you can help–from volunteering at local school gardens to donating money to buying a little something for youself or to donate to a school garden. Personally, we like the DIY bench, for which you supply the 2x4s and the labor. Imagine the painting projects that could ensue!

Next time you’re out enjoying your garden, why not think about helping schoolchildren around the country enjoy the experience as well?

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