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A Stake in the Land

May 28, 2012 / Crafts

If your kids are anything like ours, they love to plant seeds. Apple seeds, watermelon seeds, orange seeds–pretty much whatever they’re snacking on sparks a brainstorm of “Hey, we could plant these in the yard and have an apple/watermelon/orange tree!” Doesn’t matter where you live, even if it’s an apartment in Antarctica; they want to plant something and watch it grow.

So if you’re planting a garden this season (perhaps a container garden–see our latest blog entry over at greenboxart.com for easy instructions), you’ll need labels. Is that an avacado tree you should be expecting or a lemon tree? Perhaps it’s more down-to-earth basil or peas. Whatever you’ve planted in your little corner of the world, here are some fun ways to identify it:

old forks: you can weave a label between the tines, or just use the seed packet, which will stand up to the elements pretty well. Alternately, recycle wine corks by writing the plant name on them and spearing them onto the end of the fork.

clothespins: use a permanent felt-tip marker to label a pinch-pin and attach it, horizontally, to a stick. How rustic!

old spoons: use some imagination and some Modge-Podge to decoupage photos or drawings of your crop right onto the bowl of the spoon.

craft sticks: decorate a bunch or buy some pre-decorated for the purpose (like these cuties from The Modern Gardener) or just make your own.

Good luck with the growing, and enjoy whatever comes up!



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