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Party in a Box – Wall Art to Bring us Together

April 5, 2012 / Education, Events, Fun & Favorites

Everyone loves a party! At least, that’s how we feel. Oopsy daisy, Fine Art for Kids wanted a way to bring kids together to have fun, encourage an appreciation for the arts, and literally give them a canvas on which to color and draw- be the artiste!

Some of our longtime Oopsy daisy selling boutiques agreed to hold a Party in a Box featuring canvasses with a line drawing from our creative artist Robin Rosenthal. No color on the art- that’s up to the little creators that attend the soiree. While in store, parents can peruse the Oopsy daisy items and get a 10% discount on Oopsy products they purchase that day from the store and on custom orders placed in store. Oopsy daisy is all about getting children interested in the arts, showing the value of the arts, and inspiring  possible Rembrandts to see it as a valid career choice. Art enriches lives, and we intend to find ways  to open those avenues to kids, teens, adults – everyone.


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