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It (Swim)Suits You!

April 9, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

Bathing suit season is almost upon us, which means that the worst part of it is here already: bathing-suit shopping. For lots of moms, and some dads, trying on swimsuits is not exactly an event that’s met with excitement.

Which is where the kids come in. As uncomfortable as adults may feel in a swimsuit (even when they look terrific!), kids look adorable. All kids, of all ages, look adorable in swimsuits. It’s a known fact.

And turns out it’s always been true, based on these photos and drawings of kids in vintage swimsuits. The line-drawing of boys in suits, as well as the color drawing of boys in suits and shirts, appeared on vintage sewing patterns, while the girl in goggles and the two cuties are both present-day suits made in a vintage style. (Based on our cursory web search, it seems that if you have a girl, you can buy her a vintage-style suit pretty easily, while if you have a boy, you’ll have to make it yourself. Huh. Any thoughts on that discrepancy?)

And if buying swimsuits is not your thing, or if your family is already all set for the season (good for you, by the way!), how about turning your attention to bathing suit or swim-inspired canvas wall art? Here at Oopsy Daisy, we’ve got mermaids, a darling duck, a double dipping bunch of animals and a retro-art option.

This art for kids’ rooms features happy swimmers of all shapes and sizes. Just like all those real-life little bathing beauties we’ll see this summer!


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