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Inventive Easter Eggs

March 26, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

Easter’s on its way (as well as Spring in general, for those who don’t celebrate Easter but still love to decorate eggs!).

Got the eggs? Got the bowls? The white vinegar? The fizzy color tablets?

Not so fast. We’ve found a bunch of Easter egg decorating ideas that are entirely different from the way we, at least, have always done it. Over on our sister site, greenboxart.com, you’ll find a bunch of gorgeous Easter egg styles that are fun to look at or maybe for a crafty grown-up to try. But here on Oopsy daisy, we’ve got some ideas for new egg-decorating methods that little ones can do.

Here’s a couple blissfully simple ideas that end up looking seriously fancy:  ribbon-decorated eggs, which only require ribbons and school glue (or even double-sided tape!) to create.  Glitter eggs are so obvious, but we’d certainly never thought of them before: what could be better to match a little cutie’s sparkly Easter shoes? Even these decoupage eggs offer a lot of artistic bang for your effort buck.

A little more in-depth is this geode egg, which requires a few things you may not have around the house but can easily pick up. These are so cool-looking when they’re done, and not all that hard to do, especially for older kids.

Finally, we love the idea of using healthy veggies like beets, red cabbage, and onion skins to create natural dyes to impart subtle, earthy colors on eggs. Pair this project with a trip to the farmer’s market for a day of educational fun. (How-tos for all these are linked)

If you want something that will last way beyond Easter, we recommend this simply sweet canvas wall art for kids’ rooms by Creative Thursday by Marisa, an Oopsy daisy artist. What a great reminder of the incredible potential found in every Spring, every egg, and every child!


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