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What colors YOUR world – Craft by Jenny Kostecki-Shaw

February 16, 2012 / Crafts

“THIS IS MY WORLD. Same, same but Different!”

In my new picture book, Same, Same but Different, Elliot paints a pictures of his world. His teacher mails his art-letter across the ocean to a boy in India named Kailash, who replies with a painting of his  world. Elliot paints the earth and outer space with the sun, moon, stars, and a mark showing where he lives. Kailash includes mountains, a river, a tiger, a cow, the Taj Mahal, and a very different looking moon and sun. They learn that they both love to climb trees, have pets and ride school buses. A friendship grows from their letters and the boys discover that they are actually very similar even though their worlds look very different.

If possible, read Same, Same but Different (check it out from your local library or order through your local bookstore or on amazon.com). Talk with your friends, parents and teachers about Elliot and Kailash’s lives and what ways your life might be similar or different.

Look around you. What colors YOUR world? What do you love? What sounds do you hear? What makes your world unique from Elliot and Kailash’s and other kids around the world? Create your own art inspired by an imaginary or real pen pal, your travels or ideas about the people and cultures of our world. Draw, paint or collage a picture of your world and share it with us.

Ask your parent or teacher to scan or take a photo of your art, file size must be less than 5MB, and email it to contest@www.oopsydaisy.comor upload your art to our Facebook wall.  You could also send a photo copy (no originals, please!) of your art via mail, postmarked by 3/6/2012 to:

GreenBox Art + Culture
Attn: Budding Artist Contest
789 Gateway Center Way
San Diego, Ca 92102

Your name will be entered into a random drawing on Tuesday, March 13th and the random drawing winners will be announced Wednesday, March 14th via our Facebook page www.facebook.com/oopsydaisyart and on Oopsy daisy’s official site, www.oopsydaisy.com. Winners will be chosen at random for the following Oopsy daisy canvas art by Jenny Kostecki-Shaw and her signed books.

For more information about the contest go to our Budding Artists Contest page.

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