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Happy New Baby Gifts!

February 28, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

“They grow up so fast.” If you have ever had a baby, you’ve heard that phrase a million times. And if your baby is anywhere older than a newborn, chances are you’ve said that yourself once or twice (or a thousand times).

Because here’s the thing: they do.

That’s why gifts that tracks a baby’s growth are such a popular new-baby gift. There are oh-so-many items to choose from. But we recently found this big sibling/new baby handprint kit and we’re liking it. We love the thought of the big brother or big sister being fussed over in the process of making his or her handprint, because face it, those newly dethroned siblings could use a little fussing over! Of course, it does present the problem of getting two different kids to create a perfect handprint. Not the easiest thing in the world… (sorry, we were having a flashback there)

Another interesting idea is the watch me grow handprints, which feature a child’s handprint at 3 stages of babyhood. The only thing that makes us pause, however, is the challenge of getting not one, not two, but three perfect prints from a squirmy baby. Now we need a nap.

There are also a variety of plaster casting options around. We found one that even preserves the posterior for posterity (now there’s a word root that makes you think!). This isn’t for everyone, though. Some people (not that we’re naming names) may find the suspended-in-time plaster limbs a bit unsettling.

Which brings us to another option for tracking those fast-moving first months. An option that is not messy, takes only a second to document, doubles as kids’ room wall art, and can be neatly rolled up  for future generations. And it can even be personalized. Yep, we’re referring to kids’ growth charts. Honestly, it makes us sigh a little to peruse the one hundred and twenty-five different growth charts available on the Oopsy daisy website.

Why? Because our own kids are already past that stage.

And (say it with me) they grow up so fast.


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